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The Mark of Hamen

The Mark of Hamen

For thousands of years,

Lucifer has been locked away in the depths of Hell, where no angel of Heaven nor child of God need fear his wrath. The Kraylen, Lucifer's angel horde, cast out of Heaven and onto earth on the day of his imprisonment, have waited to exact revenge upon God and His children. They will wait no longer...

Licronus, the sinister Kraylen leader, will unleash a devious plot that could release Satan upon the earth, putting all of mankind at the mercy of God's greatest enemy. And that is only the beginning.

The clock starts ticking when the Credara, a heavenly urn and source of great Sitcian power, signals impending doom. The only hope - an unwitting young monk who must defeat his own demons, discover his purpose and emerge as God's warrior against the Kraylen menace. For only he can wield the power of the Credara and save all of mankind... before it is too late.

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The Sword of Hamen

The Sword of Hamen