The Arc-Pen Symbol

That which bears this symbol is of God and is given by Him.

A holy crest upon the necks of God's warrior angels, the Hamen weapons they carry, the Credara itself, and the only human that can wield its incredible power...

The Sitcian.

Coming in 2020!

Book Two

In the second installment of The Credara Series, I will take you on a journey to the beginning... to the very origin of evil itself. It is there you will learn how the greatest evil ever to exist, the other half of God, found its way upon the earth.

"The uprising has begun..."

Licronis, fallen angel and Kraylen leader, will stop at nothing to have his vengeance and rain death and destruction upon God's children and His kingdom. For Licronus knows a truth that these children of God, these wretched humans, refuse to see.

"Without evil, God's omnipotence means nothing."

And for Him to remain omnipotent, evil must be contained. Lucifer must remain in Hell, punished throughout eternity not only for his sinister crimes... but more importantly... for his secrets.

"And Licronus knows his secrets..."

For this, Licronus will seek out an evil greater than that of Lucifer himself. An evil for which our young Sitcian hero and the Credara will be no match.

For this, Licronus will bring forth... The Evil of the Garden.


- JE Henderson